about us!

Most larger hotel chains have specific departments that controls marketing, revenue management, human resources and finances. Now you can seek from specialists regarding either specific project or for work over a certain time period.
This is an ideal solution for new hotels as well as smaller properties that do not have the resources to hire full-time professionals.

Our mission is to harness knowledge and creativity into viable solutions for your business. 

With our education and experiences, we assist hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and apartments in Iceland to get a good start of their business or to reconstruct their current business.

First and foremost, we help you to take care of your guest and increase your profitability.

Meet the team

Bjarney Lea Guðmundsdóttir

Bjarney Lea Guðmundsdóttir

Hotel consultant

  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration – Hospitality from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management
  • AS degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from Cesar Ritz Colleges

Lea is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry alongside being an entrepreneur in implementing environmentally friendly tourism.

Lea´s goal is to help Icelandic hotels reach their financial goals and assist them in the daily challenge of the industry.

Erna Matthíasdóttir

Erna Matthíasdóttir

Hotel consultant

  • MS degree in digital marketing from the University of Monaco
  • APME in project managment from the University of Reykjavík
  • BS degree in tourism from the University of Iceland

Erna has extensive and diverse work experience within the hotel and tourism sector, but in recent years, she has worked mainly with digital marketing and social media.

Erna´s goal is to assist hotels and guesthouses to become more visible online.

Margrét Pollý Hansen

Margrét Pollý Hansen

Hotel consultant

  • MA degree in International Business from the University of Reykjavík
  • BA degree in Business Administration – Hospitality from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management
  • AS degree in Hospitality Management from Cesar Ritz Colleges

Polly has worked at 5 star hotels around the world and worked on several projects around opening and/or as renovating current hotels. In addition she teaches a course in hotel management at the University of Iceland.

Her main career goal is to improve the service inside the Icelandic hotel industry.

Our Values

With professionalism, we provide exemplary service. Our passion helps us to take the initiative and do better each day and as a strong team, we rely on teamwork in the work.

  • We set high but realistic goals.
  • We show initiative and show it in our work.
  • We show professionalism in all our project and emphasize the diverse knowledge, education, and experience we offer.
  • We constantly look for the best solution in cooperation with our clients.
  • We take the initiative to keep up with the changing market and always have the best possible knowledge in our field.
  • We emphasize on trust and building a strong connection with our clients.
  • We meet our customers needs.
  • We use quality and professional work methods.
  • We take responsibility for our work
  • We’re going to do better today than yesterday.
  • We re-evaluate routines and work as a force of change.
  • We show initiative in each project.
  • We show initiative in communicating with customers and offering them solutions.
  • We allow the creativity to be enjoyed
  • We have the desire, enthusiasm and joy. We dare, do and enjoy
  • We work as a team towards the communal goal of the accommodation and guests.
  • We spread the responsibility and power so every experience and knowledge is used
  • We are here to assist you and therefore flexible.

Our services

Pre and post opening

Part-time professional

Service courses

Work procedures

Web and socialmedia

Technical solutions

Revenue management

Event management

We thrive on challenging projects that produce bigger rewards!

Please feel free to contact us regarding any question or inquiry.