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Comprehensive service for hotels
and guesthouses


With our education and experiences, we assist hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and apartments in Iceland to get a good start of their business or to reconstruct their current business.

We can assist you with applying for the correct permissions and set up a basic marketing plan to get the business started or updated. We can deal with suppliers, select systems and help with selecting the right employees along with creating well functioning procedures and teaching your employees how to follow them.


Pre and post opening

There are many different factors that need to be considered when opening up a new establishment. Use our expertise and experience.

Part-time professional

With a part-time professional you get access to an experienced employee to work on the projects needed at the time.

Service courses

We regularly hold various service courses around the country. An investment in staff training is an investment that provides returns.

Revenue management

What price should you charge when and where? We assist you in setting up a system that saves you time and increases your profit.

Event management

We take care of the project management, design, and development of various events such as conference, meetings and formal parties.

Work procedures

Good procedures that employees can easily follow will save time and at the same time increase their confidence. Each hour will be fully utilized.

Website and social media

The first thing the tourist will do after he booked the flight to Iceland is to go online and look for accommodation. Will your establishment be visible

Technical solutions

Only the best! Check out the different technical solutions available. Yes you can save time and maximize profitability with the right technology.

We thrive on challenging projects that produce bigger rewards!

Please feel free to contact us regarding any question or inquiry.

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